Writing Services

Ghostwriting is the type of writing I do the most. If you are an entrepreneur looking to promote your business but don’t know how to phrase your content or an individual with a story to tell but feel you aren’t a writer, I can help you out. Rates are determined by the product desired and can be done at a piece rate or a per word rate, depending on the size of the project and the research involved. As a ghostwriter, any words I write for you are yours. All the rights associated with the content are yours and the content will appear under your name. For an example of my ghostwritten material go here.

Content writing is another service I excel at. Give me your SEO words and I’ll quickly create a variety of clear, concise, and interesting content tailored to your needs. I never reuse content from project to project so you can be sure the writing I do for you is YOURS. Content writing rates are determined according to a piece rate and length of contract. For a sample of my content writing read here.

Editing services are another great way to get the writing you need done. Whether you need proofreading and/or line edit of your written work, I am ready to help you out. I’m a dedicated grammarian and will happily ferret out each mistake, leaving you with pristine copy ready for publication. Editing is done at a per word rate.

Family history writing is another passion of mine. Do you have old journals sitting around that you want your children and grandchildren to read but know they won’t pick up? Do you want to leave a lasting legacy for your family? Do your parents have wonderful stories that you worry might be lost? That’s where I come in! Through reviewing your family’s documents (journals, photos, scrapbooks, etc.), conducting interviews, and drawing in historical context when necessary I will create a comprehensive and unique telling of your family’s heritage. Rates depend on length of project, amount of research involved, and if you would like me to format and create the final product for self-publication.

For my full portfolio or for a list of my references, please contact me.